One of the only +’s to my small, overpriced one bedroom flat in London is it’s cosy little bathroom which actually has A BATH IN IT. I usually only have cost-effective, water-bill friendly showers but every couple of weeks I treat myself to a long ol’ soak in a deep bubble bath *…cue the special occasion bath time products…*It’s the perfect escape from the chaos of the city and an occasion I take very seriously – I’m talking candles, bath salts, matching body scrub and moisturiser and obv some spa music playing through the speaker – the works…

On this particular sleepy Sunday evening, my PMS symptoms we’re kicking in and my hayfever allergies were just plain pissing me off, so after a wild 6pm spin class at the gym, I came home and turned my bathroom into a spa

I always kick things off by lighting numerous candles (these lil tea-lights are vanilla scented – cost me a quid from Morrisons!) I dot them around the bath and up on the shelves by the sink to really set the scene. Next up I drizzle a bubble bath under the hot tap and sprinkle a handful of Epsom salts in. I’m not keen on ultra hot baths in the summer so I spend a bit of time making sure the temperature is perfect

Next up it’s time to prep the bod, I remove all jewellery, take my hairband out and get to work with a body brush. There are sO many benefits to dry body brushing, not only does it buff away dead skin cells, keeping you smooth and silky, it also improves your circulation and reduces any cellulite.

Now it’s time to set the scene with a lil spa music, I just typed in ‘spa’ on Apple Music and this amazing album came up which had loads of relaxing tracks that had real Middle Eastern, desert vibes – I LOVED it.

I usually lay fully underwater for a few seconds to get my hair completely wet – mainly so it remains slicked back and off my face whilst I’m soaking before just laying still with only my face above the water, l o l

I absolutely looove anything ‘Shea’ from The Body Shop. After Christmas time, I got a gift set of Shea products in the sale and I’ve been saving them for bath times ever since. This exfoliating scrub is sO nice, I use it everywhere and it leaves your skin feeling so smooth and smelling reeeal good – it’s also a great pre-shave product for your legs. I usually use the Shea shower gel before or after the scrub too.

The cherry on the cake really is the body butter which is ultra nourishing – perfect for freshly shaven leggiez and dry elbows! I wish I could afford the huge tub of this stuff!

Last but not least, I like using the Superskin Treatment Oil by Liz Earle – now this stuff is PRICEY so I’ve made this last me over a year and luckily I got it using a discount. There’s no denying how luxurious this product is though – it has a botanical blend of oils and is supposed to firm and boost youthful skin. Smells like a dream too.

Thanks for reading!

A x