If you read the post I put up yesterday about my recent Glossier purchases, you’ll know that I’m currently re-vamping my makeup collection for 100% cruelty free products. When I think of cruelty-free, I immediately think of The Body Shop – so that’s where I went first…

I’ve been a long time fan of The Body Shop since I was a little girl, I remember my mum used to have many Body Shop products in her makeup drawer which I would help myself to and experiment with – shimmery eyeshadow and blush every time!! I’ve always bought skincare from The Body Shop but really wanted to get my hands on a few ‘essentials’ for a summery, fresh glow.

First up, I went for the ‘Instaglow CC cream‘ in the shade, ‘peachy glow’. I was immediately drawn to this when I went over to the makeup section in the Covent Garden store because of it’s gorgggg metallic packaging. For quite a while now I’ve been a fan of cc creams over foundation because I’m not keen on the cakey full coverage look you get with a foundation. Since my skin has been improving a lot recently, I’ve really been trying to cut back on the amount of product I use on my skin and embracing a more natural look – especially as it’s been so hot and humid in London recently. (Don’t get me wrong though, I still enjoy getting glammed up and going all out with eyeshadow and winged eyeliner!!)

I absolutely love how versatile this cc cream is, I apply it as soon as my moisturiser has sunk in and either apply a thin layer of a lightweight foundation on top or I just use it as my only base altogether. So in both cases, I skip using a primer because the cc cream works well as one! Not only does this product minimise your pores and reduce shine, it also provides you with 24 hour moisture and SPF 20! The only thing I do wish, is that you got a lil more than 25ml for Β£15.

Next up, concealer. I got some help choosing this product from one of the makeup artists on hand. She sat me down and talked me through the ‘Matte Clay Concealer’ and how to apply it in the best way. Now, when trying to achieve that all over glowy, healthy looking complexion, one thing you don’t want glowing is any blemishes or your tired under eyes! I wanted to get advice on what shade to get because a shade slightly too dark or slightly too light will just highlight exactly what you’re trying to hide. Since, I’ve been loving this formula to use under my eyes using a beauty blender and then over any blemishes using a tiny concealer brush.