Immune Boosting Hot Drinks

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God, is anyone else just feeling a bit crap?! There’s a post to come about why I’ve been feeling a bit ~weird~ at the moment (hint: January blues, dissertation writing, NO MONEY, finishing university being on the horizon and the great unknown on the other side of that horizon) But yes, in terms of health, it’s very common at this…


Vegan Banana Bread Muffins

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Today i’ve got a recipe for you that will (hopefully) ease those January blues! These banana bread muffins are light and bouncy but sweet, sticky and delicious, let alone totally plant-based. You could of course use this recipe to make a banana bread loaf but I thought little muffins would be perfect for a quick grab and go treat!


Butternut Squash & Tomato Soup

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So…I think I’ve gone a bit butternut squash mad hey, it’s October! This week I bulk made this beautiful, warming, roast squash and tomato soup and i’ve got a load in my freezer as we speak. Perfect for those chilly evenings when you come home tired and just fancy a little comfort food to warm you up…


Recipe | Vegan Mac ‘n’ Cheese

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  “When I first read the word, ‘nutritional yeast’, I thought GROSSSSS” This recipe was inspired by the b-e-a-utiful Niomi Smart, lifestyle vlogger, blogger and plant-based guru. I got her book, ‘Eat Smart’ for Christmas and i’m slowly making my way through her vegan recipes which get better and better.


Recipe | Raw Coconut Brownies

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This is my recipe for a batch of chocolatey heaven, raw coconut and chocolate brownies. The recipe is very similar to my ‘energy balls’ recipe, inspired by the beautiful Deliciously Ella. If you’ve read my ‘New Years Resolutions’ post you’ll know that in transition to a plant-based diet, giving up chocolate was one of my weaknesses. Besides being delicious, the…