God, is anyone else just feeling a bit crap?! There’s a post to come about why I’ve been feeling a bit ~weird~ at the moment (hint: January blues, dissertation writing, NO MONEY, finishing university being on the horizon and the great unknown on the other side of that horizon)

But yes, in terms of health, it’s very common at this time of year to not be feeling your best. Tired? Aching? Nose blocked up? Sore throat? Headache? Extremely short fuse? Attention span of a gold fish? All of the above? Check.

Behold, 3 recipes for the perfect, homemade pick-me-up. Immune boosting and bloody delicious…the latter is almost as important as the former…

a mug of fresh lemon, honey and ginger
Fresh Lemon, Honey and Ginger

First up, a CLASSIC. I’ve been making a big mug of lemon, honey and ginger most days because it’s delicious and you can almost taste the health benefits. It clears my head and soothes my throat. This is a classic home remedy to soothe cold and flu symptoms because of its natural medicinal benefits. It simply aids digestion, is bursting with vitamin C and anti-oxidants.

Turmeric Latte

Next up, a very ~tReNdY~ homemade Turmeric Latte. To be honest, it’s kind of annoying how a turmeric latte falls into the hipster multi-coloured latte category of a menu in a coffee shop BECAUSE it’s actually so damn good for you… probably better for you than a cup of coffee if you want to get all scientific!

A milk frother would come in handy here but to be honest, it’s equally as delicious just whisked together over a low heat on the hob. So, to a small saucepan, add a cup of dairy-free milk, a teaspoon of ground turmeric, a quarter of a teaspoon of ground cinnamon and a quarter of a teaspoon of ground ginger -it’s usually nice to add a little dash of honey or a tiny sprinkle of sugar but not compulsory.

Again, this hot drink is bursting with anti-oxidants, it fights infection, it’s anti-inflammatory and boosts brain function. Turmeric, might as well be gold!

Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate

Last but o-m-g, certainly not least, a hot chocolate made with raw cacao. CacAO, is the raw, un-processed form of cocOA. Cacao is a superfood – it’s high in magnesium, zinc and iron to name a few vital nutrients. Cacao also regulates blood pressure and is known to reduce PMS symptoms. It boosts your serotonin levels which boosts your mood.

I make this is the same way as the Turmeric Latte, load everything into a saucepan and whisk away until steaming and bubbling. Two teaspoons of raw cacao and a squeeze of maple syrup and that’s it. It’s certainly a good idea to add some form of sweetener because a sip of raw cacao on its own with milk is a bit of a shock!

Here’s to drinking less sugar-filled, crap-filled Starbucks and more homemade hot drinks. Get yourself a Keep Cup and take your hot beverage on your commute!

Thanks for reading,

A x